News: VR in the OR—Watch Live Surgery on April 14th in 360 Degrees

VR in the OR—Watch Live Surgery on April 14th in 360 Degrees

If you've ever wanted to be right in the thick of an operating room, you're about to get your chance. On Thursday, April 14th, you'll be able to watch a VR live stream of a tumor removal surgery. With their 360-degree camera, you'll be able to see the entire operating table and its surroundings.

Medical Realities is a VR company hoping to bring this ever-emerging technology into use in hospitals, and this is their promotional step. All you'll need is the Medical Realities app (for Android or iOS) and Google Cardboard (or similar alternative) to watch.

This is an example of 360 degree video from their 2015 live stream experiment.

The surgery should be straightforward and low-risk, but the stream will be delayed a full minute in case anything goes wrong.

The surgery will be broadcast live from The Royal London Hospital in partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust and Mativision, and will start briskly at 1 p.m. GMT. For PST viewers, that'd be 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

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