News: LG Giving Away Free Virtual Reality Headset with Purchase of a New G3

LG Giving Away Free Virtual Reality Headset with Purchase of a New G3

With 2015's generation of flagship smartphones fast approaching, LG is turning to virtual reality to clear its G3 inventory. VR for G3 is a Google Cardboard-inspired virtual reality headset that was custom fit to encase the phone and uses a pair of lenses to create stereoscopic imagery.

The headset will utilize existing Google Cardboard software, which is navigated by using a neodymium magnet switch that works with the device's gyroscope. A growing list of apps support this interface, which debuted at Google I/O last June.

Image via LG

VR for G3 will be given away for free to anyone who purchases an LG G3 in select markets. Details of the giveaway will be disclosed later this month, but the headset itself is slated to utilize the G3's back-facing buttons.

Image via The Verge

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