CES 2015: ImmersiON-VRelia Can Turn Any Smartphone into a VR Headset

ImmersiON-VRelia Can Turn Any Smartphone into a VR Headset

Samsung's Gear VR headset is a thing of beauty; unfortunately, it only works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That's where ImmersiON-VRelia's Head-Mounted Displays come in to play. With four different HMD models, we got a hands-on look at "The Go," which is not only affordable (at $125), but also compatible with the majority of Android and iOS devices.

To use it, you just open up the front section, insert your smartphone, close, and enjoy. Apps that are compatible right now include The Hobbit VR Experience, Proton Pulse, and VR Player (for watching videos/movies). The complete list can be found here. While you don't need a controller to watch videos, you will need the Viaplay Gamepad to play games. There's also an SDK available for developers, so expect many more apps to come.

On both sides of the headset you'll find an advanced optics correction system, which not only helps adjust your peripherals, but also lets you focus your vision. That means you don't have to wear glasses with The Go, which is awesome for those of us that are blind as a bat without them.

Next to the interpupillary distance controls and dioptric adjusters on each side are slots that give easy access to your headphone jack on the phone, so you can easily use your favorite headphones for a truly immersive virtual reality experience. You'll also be able to charge your device without having to take it out of the headset.

Slim, lightweight, and coupled with a remote control, The Go really is a VR headset for those that can enjoy a little fun when on the go, whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone.

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thats a very interesting idea but im not sure if is very usefull to the general public

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