News: Google's Daydream May Materialize in Just Two Weeks

Google's Daydream May Materialize in Just Two Weeks

We've heard a bit about Google Daydream—the new smartphone-based virtual reality platform that is supposed to provide a markedly better experience than Cardboard—but don't really know what it'll look like. Engadget claims we could find out in just a couple of weeks, since Android Nougat is already out, a necessary component of Daydream.

Google's rendering of a Daydream headset and its peripherals. Many think it will provide a comparable experience to the Samsung/Oculus Gear VR. Image via Google

We do know Daydream intends to bring many familiar smartphone apps into the VR world, and that the platform will likely utilize your smartphone as its screen in a similar way to the Gear VR. Since nothing more than sketches exist—except for a few pictures of the controller—the form the hardware will take remains somewhat of a mystery. While we should expect smartphone-accepting headsets, it's not unreasonable to expect Google to make standalone options at some point as well.

As for the platform's launch content, Bloomberg reports that Google is tapping YouTube and other web stars to offer exclusives. One thing we do know, however, is that TheWaveVRthe virtual reality rave and electronic music platform—has an app coming for Daydream. If they are indicative of the quality of experience on Google's upcoming platform, I'd say it's safe to be a little excited about what we'll (hopefully) see in two weeks.

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